Automated predictive analytics for z/OS IO helps see risk coming, protect data and save costs

In a world driven by data, two focuses of the enterprise are:

  • Guaranteeing access to information down to the millisecond
  • Ensuring critical data remains in-house

Patience is not a virtue when it comes to IT; a simple lag can lead users to abandon an operation or to switch to a competitor’s platform. It can also slow down the productivity of thousands of employees. And recent events in data breaches keep highlighting how crucial it is to protect the enterprise’s core asset. A third concern of the enterprise is maintaining the highest levels of services at the lowest cost.

Daily changes in z/OS hardware and software configuration create availability risks and can jeopardize SLAs. This is challenging even for enterprises using the latest mainframe technology such as the powerful z13. That is why IBM ISV Technical Storage created EADM™ (Easy Analyze Disk Mainframe) and EATM™ (Easy Analyze Tape Mainframe), based on reliable IBM and BMC technology.

EADM™ and EATM™ are fully automated Storage Performance Management tools designed for mainframe managers who wish to gain in time and efficiency analyzing Big Data from mainframe activity logs. Every year SMF, RMF* and CMF** get richer in information about z/OS configuration and performance. EADM™ and EATM™ are smart and simple predictive analytics tools that analyze RMF / CMF files from all LPARs on a daily basis. Alerts are sent automatically via internal email when performance drifts are detected along with user-friendly reports containing pertinent indicators on: IO throughput and response times over 24h; hyperPAV; FICON; zHPF; back-end/front-end; disk and tape space utilization ratios… Very quickly the user can zoom-in, identify the root of the problem and take corrective action.

The less data gets out, the better it is for the enterprise. And with the lowest TCO on the mainframe software market, tools like EADM™ and EATM™ give datacenters an edge to do more internally, to save time, money and to ensure high mainframe availability.

Easy Analysis of z/OS Disk & Tape


*RMF based trademarks are either trademarks or registered trademarks of IBM.

**CMF based trademarks are either trademarks or registered trademarks of BMC.