Taking steps to maintain high mainframe availability


On May 12th 2015, a New York bound Amtrack passenger train derailed near Philadelphia. The accident closed the busiest passenger-rail corridor in the U.S. According to the Northeast Corridor Commission, if the corridor is shut down for even a day, it would cost America’s economy around $100m in increased congestion costs and lost productivity.

Quality control and predictive analysis, necessary to maintain the smoothest flow of operations and to prevent accidents, are often impacted by the tightening of budgets in today’s economy.

A parallel can be drawn for the enterprise’s data centers. It is assumed that the very powerful IBM mainframes such as the z13 and the DASDs will just overachieve. Usually it is the case; it is now common (and recommended) to have IO response times under the millisecond.

Disk performance analysis is often overlooked but daily changes in configurations impact z/OS performance and can compromise mainframe availability, affecting the productivity of thousands of employees and the profitability of revenue generating applications.

EADM™ (Easy Analyze DASD Mainframe) is an automated surveillance tool that measures the performance of the data centers’ disk subsystems for all LPARs on a daily basis.

This simple and smart tool uses Big Data methodologies to automatically alert z/OS Systems and Storage Teams as soon as a performance drifts start occurring.

With the lowest TCO on the market, doing more with less in-house is possible with Technical Storage’s automated Storage Performance Management software EADM™.