Time for IT optimization vs time for solving IT failure

According to a recent study performed by TeamQuest, 95% of 419 IT managers interviewed in 10 countries say they spend more time intervening in IT failure than improving IT performance.

On average, IT failure issues involve 7 people over more than 3 hours.

Recurring problems include network slowdowns or failure (42%), poor application performance (37%), availability issues (37%), hardware failure (36%), and requests for unplanned changes (34%).

Less than 25% of IT managers think their teams are ready to anticipate failure consequences (even with an average of 10% of staff work time said to be dedicated to defining proactive solutions in case of sudden failure).

83% of IT managers claim they lack the necessary resources to plan and manage Virtual Machines.

Among IT managers’ priorities: optimization of IT performance (69%) and anticipation/prevention of IT failure (68%).

66% of them are requesting the integration of dashboards and diagnosis tools capable of supplying in depth performance analyses.

A principal impact of integrating innovative performance management solutions is to free up more time for IT optimization vs solving failure.

This is especially true in the mainframe environment, where many enterprises are increasingly seeing their senior z/OS engineers retire.